Can We Talk About How Amazing Shiny Gardevoir Is!?

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Created by PokeMasterEfren

Gardevoir Chan

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Created by memefield

How Gardevoir Got its Spike

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Gardevoir's Halloween Costume

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Created by HalloweenBumpkin

There's One Out There Just for You

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via RakkuGuy )

Lopunny is Mine... and So Are You

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Created by Sosuke

Gardevoir is Tired of the Rule 34

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I'd Let Her Be My Knight

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So That's What Happens When Gardevoir Traces Intimidate

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Created by Salamence ( Via harijizo )

Has Science Made the Ultimate Waifu?

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Created by MegaManLight

Gardevoir's Trace is Not Always Ideal

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10 Times Cosplaying Gardevoir/Gallade Was Better Than Cosplay Pikachu

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Red, Green, and White, Ready for the Season

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via azuma doguu )

Gardevoir Jessica Rabbit

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