Even the Garbage Thinks You're Trash

pokemon memes garbodor not good enough to take out this trash

Garbodor's Feels

Sad feels garbodor comics - 7795715072
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Trubbish is Adorable

Pokémon garbodor trubbish - 7769796608
By Oniaku Hayakori

How to Fix Garbodor With Two Small Changes

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By YamiSelina

My Opinions Are Facts!

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By David_the_Bored

How Romantic!

pokemon memes take out the trash on a date
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Pokémon and Trainer

Pokémon garbodor wut Battle - 6676075264
By thevidbash

They Were Even in My Party When I Beat the Elite 4

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By Unknown

Good Guy Garbodor

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By lyzalyza7

Even Though I Just Beat You With Garbodor?

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By Todo_Americano

Apples are Garbage

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Pokémon With Smell-O-Vision

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Cleaning Up!

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