It's Complicated

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"Technology is Incredible"

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Sounds Like My Life

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According to IGN, ORAS is Bad Because of TOO MUCH WATER

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Training Hard

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Faith in Humanity Has Been Destroyed

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Pokémon Shuffle is Coming This February and it's Free!

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Read This in an ORAS Review

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Funny memes about Pokemon | 22 years since start show, Ash Ketchum has finally become Pokemon Master after winning Alola league Will @MrWilliamo 10 year old with 22 years experience. Ash is every employer is looking now. | Team rocket putting hat on aticve never met this man my life made with

Eighteen Pokemon Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Be The Very Best

I choose you!
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Gaming: Then Vs. Now

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Pokémon x The Legend of Zelda

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The New Pokémon Games Should Be Waterproof

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Completely Accurate

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Generation Gap

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So Close You Can Taste It

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In Case of Boredom Break Glass

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