They Laughed at Me Once

fusion wtf legendaries bidoof dead - 6937666304
Created by Benji

Enemies = Fruit

charmeleon Close Enough fusion Rage Comics wartortle watermelon - 4950215680
Created by Peek At Choo

Lessons in Incest

fusion meme Memes - 5122996992

All the Pokémon You Love Looking Very Excited

fusion wtf - 7072880640
Created by Unknown

The Cutest Freaking Pokémon Ever

fusion vulpix eevee combination - 6916216576
Via Streaky the Supercat

Mega Venustoise

fusion - 7780673792
Via Kicholas_Nage

Would Drizzt be a Dark-Type?

fusion pokefusion Pokémans - 5125019648
Created by Fyrmer

First Gen Liked Fusion Before It Was Cool

black and white 2 fusion haunter kyurem Rage Comics venustoise - 5946924032
Created by Unknown

What a Horrible Phrase

fusion lion king - 7017053440
Via dekutree

Fusion... HA!

black and white 2 fusion gameplay gifs - 6374898432
Created by Xetramniz


mew fusion mewtwo t shirts - 8244070656
Via SwiprNoSwipn

Mew + Mew = Mewtwo

fusion mew mewtwo - 8008290304
Created by DineshThePoet ( Via teeturtle.com )

Who's Slow Now, Kyurem?

fusion conspiracy keanu meme kyurem slowpoke - 6760691200
Created by Unknown

But Starters Are Too Mainstream

fusion hipster Memes starters - 5159517184
Created by Anonytomical

Haven't Seen Any of Those Around the Cornfields

farfetchd fusion grimer - 4874326528
Created by KLLN-JK

Pikachu Leveled Up Holding a Good Report Card

abra fusion Memes pikachu - 5875202560
Created by MasterMatt1st
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