Who Needs a Poke Flute When You Have a Mouth?

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How is a Pokémon Supposed to Eat?

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I Scream, You Scream

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As Long as It Tastes Fine

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Sadly, This Magikarp Will Never Reach Level Twenty

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Created by RobinGMS
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These 22 Pokémon-Inspired Food Creations Are Every Fan's Dream Come True

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This Cake Was the Very Best, Like None Ever Was

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When Friends Want to Make Plans, but Food and Stuff Takes Precedent

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Ba Dum Tss

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Food First, Trouble Later

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Baking Delicious Incarnations of Original 151 'mons

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Have Anything to Say About This, Peta?

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This Cereal Needs to Make a Comeback

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How to Make a Pikachu Cake

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When They Finally Pass You the Jumbo Bag of Tostitos Hint of Lime

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Are You Sure You Don't Regret That?

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