Feast Your Eyes Upon...The Holy Trinity?

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The Adorable False Prophet

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Created by Nixiey ( Via Red Bubble )

That Musical Number Was Harsh

Pokémon eeveelutions comics flareon funny - 7482600448
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The Other Side of the Twitch Story

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It Doesn't Matter if Flareon Has No Moves

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Flareon's Eulogy

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Even You, Showdown...

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Created by Claudio Carvalho

The False Prophet Taketh

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Created by SmoothRide


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Created by claudiufiat

Flareon Twerks Like a Champ

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Created by peloses

Flareon Hates the Other More Viable Eeveelutions

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It's True, He'd Still Suck

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Created by PKMARIO

Drowzee is Now the Keeper of the False Prophet

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Maybe Eevee Would Change His Mind if Flareon Had a Better Movepool

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Flareon Just Can't Take it Anymore

Pokémon gifs flareon - 8306933504
Created by Kyubey_
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