It Doesn't Matter if Flareon Has No Moves

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The False Prophet Taketh

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By Unknown

Can't I Just Set it on Fire?

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The Adorable False Prophet

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By Nixiey (Via Red Bubble)

Maybe That Wasn't Such a Great Idea?

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By Unknown

Scumbag Flareon

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By CutieFennekin


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Even You, Showdown...

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By Unknown

ZOMG You Touched Me!

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By claudiufiat

Flareon's Eulogy

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By Unknown

Drowzee is Now the Keeper of the False Prophet

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The Warmth of a Mother

Fan Art eevee flareon - 8538188800
By ascar_angainor (Via celeun)

The Fire Stone: It's Like Cinnamon Gum

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Fire Stones Mean Nothing to Me

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By Guilherme.didi

That Musical Number Was Harsh

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Via JHALLpokemon
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