Please Don't Put Me in a PC

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Sad Pokémon feels - 68854273

A Sad Comic About Abandoned Pokémon Gets Even More Upsetting With This Video

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What Happens to Pokémon Stuck in Poke Balls?

Pokémon wtf creepy feels - 7604753152
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Help Me I Cannot Contain These Feels

Pokémon feels 4chan - 8014914304
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R.I.P. You Were Always Loved

golem Sad Pokémon feels - 7393779200
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Poor Pikachu

Sad Pokémon gifs anime pikachu food feels - 7173581056
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Service Pokémon

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Dat Fire Dragon Bonding

dragon feels charizard reshiram - 7075934720
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Right in the Feels...

Pokémon cubone feels tattoos - 8053851392
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This Pokémon Tombstone Will Fill You With Feels

Sad Pokémon feels kids - 7836419584
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Too Many Feels 7.8/10

ORAS feels too much water IGN - 8383430144
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You've Gone Too Far Team Rocket!

Sad pokemon origins Team Rocket cubone feels marowak - 7842983168
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I Know That Feel Bro

feels Rage Comics - 6867275776
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This is the Saddest Moment in Pokémon Origins

Sad pokemon origins cubone feels anime - 7841517312
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Where are This Child's Parents?!

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