confusion facebook - 6796467968
By Unknown

Rawk the B-Rock

brock facebook IRL officer jenny romance - 5076725504
By Unknown

........ .........!

Pokémon red facebook - 7702848256
By L0ttieocelot

Mother's Day Gonna Mega

kangaskhan Pokémon mothers day facebook - 8186044160
By BulletSoulKid

You're Going to Need a Burn Heal

bidoof magikarp facebook Pokémon - 8053697024
By Takexi

Next Gen Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

dorkly next gen 4chan facebook - 6813276672
Via Dorkly

Seems Legit, Pokéfans

facebook knockoff original seems legit the internets - 6075187712
By emokittycat666

That Team Red Rage

Pokémon pokemon go facebook - 8820783616
Via Moondood

Bad Luck Ryan

Pokémon facebook breeding - 7625345536
By Unknown

She Probably STABbed Him in the Back

cruel facebook Pokémon - 8053773824
By Unknown

Is That a Digimon?

digimon facepalm facebook - 6935427328
By xkelenox (Via xkelenox)

I herd u liek Mudkipz?

mudkip facebook - 7071846144
By Gabo2oo

We Support Gary Rights

gary Pokémon failbook facebook - 7207557376
By artbargra

I Don't Want Your Number!

Battle facebook IRL youngster joey - 6307671296
By JohnnySykes

Gotta Poke 'Em All

facebook I see what you did there me gusta - 6610740224
By Unknown

Gotta Friend 'Em All

facebook IRL meme Memes pokedex Pokémemes sudden clarity clarence - 6410084352
By Unknown
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