epic Music Pokémon - 60926465

Pokémon X and Y Song Found Through Hacking

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Pachirisu Used Follow Me!

epic pachirisu battles - 8292978688
Via ShredDurst

Nobody Can Refuse a Trainer Battle

awesome charizard epic IRL school trainer battle tyranitar - 5733196288
By Spazlicious

Make Sure to Press Down and B

awesome epic gotta catch em all IRL tips - 6483812096
By AerodyneLove

Time for an Epic Battle

epic Battle red - 6820284416
By Unknown


awesome Battle best of week empoleon epic gifs pokemon battle steel water - 5261634304
By Whatguy

When Did This Happen?!

epic Pokémon Fan Art ORAS wally - 8402245888
By YakuzaDuragon (Via jutopa)

Not Lavender Town Though

best of week epic lavender town Music - 5123866368
By Unknown
Battle epic Music Video - 21363457

Missingno Battle Soundtrack

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