Makes Perfect Sense

best of week comic entei frozen - 5226739456
Created by Unknown

Si, Señor!

entei excel - 7790859264
Created by Unknown

Kill Me pls

Pokémon wtf entei - 8025117184
Created by Unknown

It's Going to Flee

entei IRL surprise - 4985302528
Created by Bodofagod

Typical Friday Night

art entei FRIDAY pikachu video games - 5068326912
Via purplekecleon.deviantart.com

Shut Up and Take My Entei!

GTS entei - 8144796416
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via null )


art entei link mean look navi zelda - 5500038912
Created by kgbjunior

Don't Mess With Legendaries

entei gifs ho-oh legendaries lugia suicine the internets - 6096206592
Created by Unknown

I've Seen Enough Entei to Know Where This Is Going

best of week entei pedobear tv-movies - 5206008064
Created by Unknown

And it Was Frozen

best of week entei Memes - 6420107264
Created by Unknown

Dumbledore, Pokémon Master

crossover entei Harry Potter linoone Pokémon serperior tv-movies - 5199691520
Created by Rurouni4Life

Better Not Do That

comic entei - 5296197888
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Entei Bootie

China entei meme stahp toys - 6575117824
Created by NeoseedGadget ( Via dark-familiar )