elite four

Tackle and Flail

elite four flail magikarp Memes ridiculously photogenic guy tackle - 6095458816

Why, Steven, Why?

elite four gameplay steven stone wallace - 6393132800

Joey Challenge Accepted

Battle Challenge Accepted elite four joey challenge top percentage - 6189519872
Created by Fishy1618

Condescending Grimsley

elite four meme Memes smogon - 6128285696
Created by Omega74

Used and Abused

elite four Evolve experience level up - 4973964800
Via justpokemon.tumblr.com

The Elite Four Has It Handled

elite four meme Memes mewtwo professor oak - 5645437184

I Challenge You All

best of week Challenge Accepted elite four gameplay Hall of Fame magikarp - 5845100288

Laziest Elite Four Ever

blackwhite elite four Memes They Said - 6401573120
Created by acezekrom

Rihanna on Her Way to Take on the Elite Four

Via iBleeedorange

An Easy Way to Get the Rage Feels Going...

pokemon elite four full restore video game moment ash ketchum
Via lifeispokemon

Angelica Helped Cynthia Catch Her Pokémon

best of week comic cynthia elite four Pokémon - 5300248320
Via CanYouFeelittt

Some Elite Four You Are

elite four Pokémon - 8760598528
Via butt-berry

The Real Elite Four

art best of week elite four Professors real - 5232450304
Created by reyasemsz

Who Is Ash?

ash elite four gameplay hipster red - 5065690624

And It Was Level 4

Badass Battle elite four magikarp - 5059138560
Created by Binkbinkybinkerson

Stock Up On Revives

elite four meme Memes one does not simply revive - 6335071232
Created by jasonbender909
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