Teg Siht Rehtom Gnikcuf Ekans ffo Siht Nmad Enalp

ekans - 6878542080
Created by Unknown

A Wild Mongoose...wait...WHAT?!

confuse ray confused ekans tv-movies - 5130228224
Created by bhlarg

Ekans is Done With Your Crap

ekans pokemon amie - 7879741696
Created by Unknown

Ekans is Surfing?

wtf anime ekans - 7079815168
Created by Will_SmithSERC

Ekans Variations

Fan Art ekans pokemon variations - 8470095360
Created by LHakaLH ( Via clytemnon )

Sudden Realization Slowpoke

ekans Memes slowpoke snake - 6284141824
Created by Unknown

Smash Bros. Needs to Know Their Pokémon

ekans onix Pokémon - 8344887040
Created by Power213

And Muk Backwards Is...

art ekans IRL muk N - 5678264064
Created by jpjr17

That Can't Be Possible

Pokémon the internets ekans funny - 7508117248
Created by Unknown

Diglett Wednesday: What a Shiny Diglett

diglett wednesday ekans minigames nintendo 64 pokemon stadium shiny - 5439412224
Created by Unknown

So I Herd U Leik Portalz

art ekans Portal - 7622647808
Via Spotty-Servine

Cuddle Buddies

Fan Art ekans pikachu - 8566671616
Created by DRCEQ ( Via East Minatsu )