New Addition to the Eevee Family

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Created by Luchabro

Where We're at RN

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all the things eevee Memes stone type - 5081963008
Created by evilweasel24

Sylveon used hold hands. It was Super-Effective!

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It's Only Forced if You're Trying to Get a Flareon

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Created by controlfreek75

Team Fortress: Eevee Edition

crossover art eevee Team Fortress 2 - 6707831808
Created by Tayab ( Via iveechan )

Embarrassing Confession?

eevee Pokémon - 7905028864
Created by TeknoDemon

Your One Stop Evolution Shop

eevee flareon IRL - 6599126016
Created by Mewtron
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Eevee is so Cute!

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Is It Time to Get Up?

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Eevee is Just Too Cute

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Love Your Pokémon

eevee cute ninfia - 7059693312
Created by AlexYurian ( Via mochi )

Can I Just Have One Extra Slot?

eevee eeveelutions First World Problems meme Memes - 6417109760

Generation VI in 2013?

new pokemon gen VI eevee eeveelution - 6918260736
Created by jamesthegrunt
best of week defensive wall eevee Koffing shiny Video - 24638977

Every Reaction to a Shiny. EVAR.

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Wild Eevee? Yes, Please!

Battle black and white 2 eevee rage comic Rage Comics - 6166158336
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