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Oak and Jigglypuff Sing "A Whole New World"

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The Litleo King

pokemon memes kakuna rattata litleo lion king
Via vaporotem

Is This Another Kingdom Hearts Spin-Off?

disney fandom kingdom hearts the internets - 6495062272
By nelde (Via Nelde)

Return of the Slowpoke

disney star wars meme slowpoke - 6720626688
See all captions By FrankieDudeUltimate

I Know Too Much

cannot unsee disney gifs lick sawsbuck the internets wtf - 6411477760
By Unknown
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A Couple of Our Favorite Worlds Collide When Pokémon Meets Disney In This Fan Art Collection

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Genwunners Gonna Genhate

gifs gen VI disney starters animation - 6972545792
By iFrance

Never Going to Let You Go

disney glaceon frozen - 8550189056
By RedCometCustom

Elsa, Y U NO FROSLASS?!?!?!

crossover disney Fan Art frozen - 8584294144
By Derp-a-derp (Via ざくろ)

The Circle of Life

disney infernape lion king luxray Pokémans shinx - 5058740736
By Unknown

Disney's Version of Shiny Litleo

cartoons disney lion king Pokémon litleo - 8220093440
By ShrugsMcMeh
disney and pokemon crossover

10 Disney Characters Who Want to be the Very Best

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Music disney videos The Little Mermaid - 49028609

Part of That (Pokémon) World

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Part of Your World

crossover Pokémon disney Fan Art The Little Mermaid slowpoke - 8491428096

If Disney Bought Pokémon

crossover Pokémon disney dolan - 6748337664
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When Pokémon Meets Disney

disney frozen Pokémon unova - 7940138240
By Velink (Via Velink)