Diglett Wednesday: Sitting on a Chair?

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Dawn Used Beretta!

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Created by Chobit-389

The Exciting Life of Dawn and Lucas

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Via konichiwapikachu

Computers Weren't Made for Storing Pokémon

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If Only He Could Say More Than Pikachu

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Created by Unknown

Why Does it Have to Be This Way?

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Dawn Was His Favorite

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Togekiss Gives No Pokéballs

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Created by Braedo123 ( Via frompallettown )

The Story of Pokémon

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Looking Good, Dawn

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Via pokemon-global-academy

One Does Not Simply Peek

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Created by R45MU5

Not the Favor Dawn Was Thinking Of

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Created by Biodeamon

When You See It: Pika Pika

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On to the Next Adventure

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Reverse Friendzoning

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Dat Lass

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Via TheSlowpokeHell
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