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Dank memes are basically just stale memes that have started to decompose, but users with a refined palate are able to appreciate those nuances of humor. Even if you have to brush a little dust of their shoulders, these memes still carry a glint of their former star power. Sometimes that's all you need. True meme connoisseurs can only appreciate the fine subtleties of a well-aged dank meme, so don't be discouraged, the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more everything will become clear..


These Dank Pokemon Memes Hilariously Debate Our Truths

This trending meme, known as "Some Say Charmander Is The Best" started over the claim that deep down inside, we all know that Bulbasaur is hands-down a better starter Pokemon than Charmander and Squirtle. The meme morphed into debating various sarcastic controversial stances, from Pokemon to who made the best Spider Man.

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