Haters Gonna Hate

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By MewMewMewtwo

The Electric Slide

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By Unknown

The True Dragon Dance

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Watching This Will Make Your Thoughts Switch From Why Pokémon are Dancing to Ariana Grande to Why You Can't Dance That Well

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I'm a Star

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By Unknown

Do the Trapinch

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By TheGengar

The Legendary Dance

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By Luchabro

Let Me Show You the Dance of My People

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By tamaleknight
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This Pokémon Dance Mix is Epic

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If You Want It, You Better Put a Dream on It

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Sassy Dance

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By molegato (Via molegato)

Dance Like No Trainer Will Catch You

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By -Rukia_Kuchiki-
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These Giant Pikachu are Dancing in a Parade and It's Absolutely Adorable

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Pokémon DANCE!

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Dance, Dance

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