Dafuq is This?

dafuq pikachu seems legit - 7712934656
Created by Unknown

That'll Help

ash brock dafuq gifs staryu tv-movies water - 6188549888
Created by Unknown

Incoming Fan Theories

comic dafuq - 6643073536
Via Butter_Meister

That Sounds Like a Nice Place

dafuq gameplay question where did you come from - 5893713408
Created by Unknown

Nurse Move Deleter

dafuq gameplay wtf - 6451915008
Created by mrsbarker

Google Translate Presents: Dafuq, Pokémon Store?

dafuq Pokémon origins - 6700315904
Created by Rukario-kun ( Via Pokémon Store )

Creepy Ditto is Creepy

gifs dafuq ditto - 8201273344
Created by pegasistre-12

What Does the Deer say?

fennekin dafuq wat - 7841513984
Created by Unknown
Music Pokémon dafuq ghetsis lysandre - 56595969

Lysandre's Head Music? Wynaut Ghetsis?

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Dunsparce - The Huge, Writhing Snake of Death

pokedex dunsparce dafuq salamence - 7716526848
Created by DineshThePoet

Dafuq Are These Pokémon Games?

Pokémon dafuq knockoffs - 7992359424
Via alphareich

Why Would You Say That?!

dafuq nurse joy pokemon center Rage Comics - 6040527360
Created by mufcchimp

Watch Out, We Have a Haircut Over Here

comic dafuq gameplay lickitung - 5953768704
Created by matcarpes585

Pikachu Pika

dafuq pika pikachu tv-movies - 5814008576
Created by Unknown

Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Everywhere

Pokémon diglett wednesday diglett dafuq newmew - 7346172928
Created by Unknown
dafuq Pokémon Video - 60029697

Dafuq Did I Just Watch?

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