confuse ray

Now He's a Glorified Pac-Man

confuse ray gastly mean look smile - 4878926848
By GikTrunks (Via bummerdude.deviantart.com)

A Wild Mongoose...wait...WHAT?!

confuse ray confused ekans tv-movies - 5130228224
By bhlarg

Scumbag Magikarp Doesn't Even Let Nothing Happen, Pokéman

confuse ray confusion magikarp meme Memes scumbag - 5130476544
By Robert_Leonheart_Austin

It is a Little Known Fact That Confuse Ray is a Haunter Type Move

Pokémon moves haunter confuse ray funny - 7482624512
By Unknown

Once It Appears...

best of week confuse ray confusion fuuuu gifs golbat gyarados Memes - 5934640640
Via rex-kwon-do.tumblr.com

It Hurt Itself in its Confusion

annoying confuse ray confusion meme Memes pikachu punch - 6060857344
Via michaelswayornoway