They Didn't Even Follow the Pattern

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Created by .Q.Bit

Late Realization

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Created by LyseljusLeps

Nostalgia Overload: The Kanto Region

Text - PA 00 e 000000 00000000000000 PE CIN VIR GIC GVM ttlf rtf 000000 000 4 Hstfe LAVENCR TO VE 000000 D000000000 F SAF () )
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It's Not Just That Dress That Ruins Friendships

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Created by Zapt ( Via Pillow Talk )

Red, Blue, Black, and White

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Created by karoly7

Make Up Your Mind Already!

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What Would Happen if a Pokémon's Color Scheme Didn't Change?

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Shades of Pokémon

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Created by Guilherme.didi ( Via gogoatt )

Mind Blown: Pallet Town

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Pokémon Colors in the Anime Vs. the Games

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Created by TheKeaton

Shades of Your Journey Await!

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Sylveon's Tip for Staying Cool in Summer

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Created by TheGengar

It's Super Effective on My Blemishes

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