Look at Me When I'm Flaming You

gifs charizard - 8586542848
Created by tamaleknight

Wow... They Look Amazing...

raichu Pokémon charizard squirtle dafuq - 8405970176
Created by SnivyIsBadass

What Have They Done!?!?

charizard dragonite Rage Comics - 5346881024
Created by ChefBoyardoom

Charizard Before Mega Evolving

Pokémon gifs charizard - 8015106816
Created by Arcanam00n

Give Ash a Break, Guys

ash charizard anime - 7644769280
Created by AdminSilver ( Via Facebook )

One of My Favourite Scenes

Pokémon gifs charizard anime - 8138161920
Created by The_Krookodile
IRL charizard Video - 70916865

Charizard, Use Flamethrower!

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ash charizard anime mewtwo - 61379073

Your Charizard Is Poorly Trained

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Mega Pikazard Y: The Ultimate Mascot

Pokémon charizard pikachu Japan - 8400159232
Via @rapismile

Rage Comics: Flame Thrower

air charizard Rage Comics winter - 4948844544
Created by Unknown

Not Even a Blastoise Can Beat My Black Charizard

blastoise charizard condescending wonka meme Memes - 6024336896
Created by Panda_Scyth

The Reason You Black Out in Pokémon

charizard gifs Pokémon - 8407284736
Created by MaverickHunterX

Charizard-senpai, How Could You?!

Pokémon charizard - 8249408768
Created by Holonboy ( Via OshawottIsYourLordAndMaster )

Gamestop, Please Stahp

Pokémon gamestop stahp charizard facebook - 6981421568
Created by Unknown

Ash Even Lets Charizard Leave

charizard meme Memes pikachu Team Rocket - 5359322624
Created by Sentinel_23

Charizard! I Choose You!

Battle charizard Movie pokémon card - 5122292992
Created by Unknown
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