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The Caterpie Ambush

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It'll Be Alright Caterpie

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Boastful Bug Catcher

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Created by Sentinel_23

Caterpie Gained a Few Pounds

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Bug Trainer's Story

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They Exist...

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Created by Echo_of_Snac

What a Bug Trainer

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Caterpie Used Eat Everything! It's Super Effective

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Via louiezong

Ran Out of PP

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Facepalm? Nah, Groundface

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We Share Your Pain

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When You Finally Don't Have to Run for the Next Class to Make It in Time

Via rewatchingpokemon

Safeguard in Your Heart

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You Hate Caterpie?

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Via Kuchulainn98

Caterpie Used Nom

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Via pipotchi

Who's That Pokemon?

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