call of duty

Introducing... Then I Got Over It Politoed

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Created by Unknown

Be Thankful Not All Kids Love CoD

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Created by CaptainBadass

Scumbag IGN

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Created by trollcave_08

Real Men Play Pokémon

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Voltorb Flip, Everytime

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Created by Loza777

Faith in Humanity Has Been Destroyed

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Created by arckachu

Pikachu Used Thunderbolt! Headshot!

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Created by fapfapfap

Scumbag Steve Says He Plays ALL Games

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We Need Graphics Like This

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Created by Rjsowden ( Via themoderator )


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I Mean You Just Catch 'Em All

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Completely Accurate

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Via Ninjinius

The Next Update Includes Microtransactions for Master Balls

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Created by ToxicSparky