Battle of the Pikabugs

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Why Can't Real Life Be Awesome Like Pokémon?

bugs IRL Pokémon tall grass - 6488827904
By Unknown

The Beetle Pokémon!

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By Pancham

A Bug Catcher's Dream

bugs Fan Art - 8577690624
Via meetalex

Cannot Unsee: Trying to Intimidate the Bugs

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By Pokelol304

No Metapods or Kakunas?

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Via FYeahFirstGenPokemon

At Least We Got U-Turn

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By David-Parr (Via david-parr)

Someone Derped at Game Freak

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By Unknown

Mega Pinsir Used Quick Attack

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Playing Pokémon X/Y? Don't Save in Lumiose City!

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Even Bugs Can be Cute!

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Bugs Are So Gross

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What You Deserve for Not Liking Bug Pokémon

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By Unknown

I Guess Being an Arceus Faced Bug Makes People Forget You Exist

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By PlasmoidThunder

The Truth About Misty

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By Unknown

Didn't Realize It Till Just Now

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By PictureLady