The Shelled Legends

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Created by CocoLAsticot

The Truth About Blastoise

Pokémon dorkly blastoise comics - 7346095616
Via Dorkly

Blastoise With an Amulet Coin Be Like

blastoise make it rain Pokémon - 8458135808
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via nabbanaba )

Do You Step On It....?

blastoise lapras surf - 4868819456
See all captions Created by KatTheEmoNinja

Hydro Pump: How to Deal with Haters

blastoise haters hydro pump IRL squirtle - 4994196224

A Better Version of Real Life

blastoise drawing pokeball tomato turtle - 4937425664
Created by Galaaz

Got 99 Problems But the Pokémon Ain't One

best of week blastoise charizard gameplay gen 1 list problems venasaur - 5203169792

The Cutest Lil Piplup

cosplay super smash bros blastoise piplup - 8411807232
Via soninjua

We Need to Go to the Future

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The Ultimate Spy Team

pokemon memes spyduck pun
Via suavefugitive

"Babe Can You Come Over?"

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Created by LordPikachu


Pokémon art starters blastoise charizard mayans venasaur - 7130036480
Via monarobot

They Got Over Their Differences

blastoise charizard differences evolution Evolve friends friendship - 5121610752
Created by KatRaccoon ( Via katraccoon.deviantart.com )

Personal Fitness Coach Blastoise

pokemon memes blastoise work out gif
Via willfosho

Straight Up

Via jaymoon88

What We Saw When We Were Kids

art best of week blastoise blue charizard fire starters kids red - 5307421952
Via R-Sraven
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