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Forever a Pokémon Master

Omegle exchange between two strangers one of which is a Pokémon master
By AshKetchupandMyballsaresour

The Only Good Thing About Facebook Timeline

Battle best of week epic facebook gary oak Pokémon timeline - 5840790528
By Unknown

Pokémon Will Always Be Cool

best of week over time Pokémon rage comic Rage Comics - 5824674048
By nicox5000

White Trainers Can't Jump

best of week comic Reframe - 5481001984
By JonahRamone

Fatal Exception

Battle best of week gifs pokemon battle - 5458439424
By thesignpainter

IRL Evolution: She Evolved That Way

best of week eeveelution Evolve IRL evolution lady gaga - 5161435904
By Unknown

Please Train Me?

best of week cute gifs pichu Pokémemes the internets - 6390912768
By Unknown
best of week crossover pikachu rick roll Video - 32668929

Pikachu Never Gives You Up

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best of week cyrus giovanni Memes N Pokémon villains - 5663849984
By Unknown

So Sad

anime ash best of week growing up nostalgia pikachu so sad tv-movies why - 5501028096
By Unknown

Good Clean Fun

best of week comic Death golem Sad - 6346920704
By The0th3rGuy

Eeveelution Methods

art best of week eeveelution evolution Evolve - 5874498304
By Silky

Dratini Martini

alcohol best of week dratini IRL - 5725832960
By Mitch Hutts

Pokémon Conquest

best of week ds north america pokemon conquest toys-games - 6070103040
Via Kotaku

What We Saw When We Were Kids

art best of week blastoise blue charizard fire starters kids red - 5307421952
Via R-Sraven

Keep the Adventures Coming

adventure best of week Game Freak Memes nintendo Pokémon - 6021376768
By Kirb