Pokemon X/Y Metagame in a Nutshell

metagame Pokémon OU battling Memes - 8115343104
Created by CutieFennekin

Charizard Wants to Test Out His New Forms

charizard battling - 8082198272
Created by MegaManLight

The Pokémon Metagame in Nutshell

metagame Pokémon battling funny - 7518202112
Created by PokeyMew

Do You Even EV Train Bro?

gameplay battling research - 7377878784
Created by Zackirus
battling Pokémon Video - 62017793

The Top 10 Worst Pokémon Moves

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Yu-Gi-Oh Thursday: It's Time to Duel

crossover Pokémon Yu-Gi-Oh! battling Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! - 8079973120
Created by Unknown

One Move to Rule Them All

battling categoryvoting-page Pokémon - 6636237312
Created by Unknown

Game Freak Broke Ubers! Mega Rayquaza Banned

smogon battling banned mega rayquaza - 8389413376
Created by Karxrida ( Via Smogon )

Oh God, This Battle is Going to Take Forever

anime battling comic crossover dragonball z goku - 6311260160
Created by Unknown

Pokémon is For Kids?

battling kids Pokémon rage comic strategy - 6563628800
Created by Unknown

Let's Battle!

gifs IRL battling gotcha - 6981371392
Via clockstarofthebooks

We Must Go Back

battling comic roost skarmory - 5600848896
Created by Unknown

Competitive Battling PSA: Is Flame Orb or Toxic Orb Better for Guts and Quick Feet Users?

battling competitive Pokémon - 8173098752
Created by FatherofGray

Congratulations, DragonWhale!

Pokémon Pokémemes battling tournament - 8440062720
Created by Steelig ( Via poke-tournaments )

Competitive Pokémon Problems

battling Memes Pokémon - 7984227584
Created by MadMunky20k

The Intimidating Confuse Sidney

battling Memes Pokémon - 8255595008
Created by Thelprefer
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