smogon Pokémon talonflame battling - 8195115008
By TrainerPV
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Hopefully, Talonflame is not a fossil Pokémon.

Pokémon Pokémemes battling tournament - 8440062720
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Congratulations to DragonWhale for winning the tournament!

The titles and a trophy have been given to the winners

  1. dragonwhale
  2. Revan
  3. Rioka-Starwind and Spidy

So DragonWhale do you have any comments? Was it difficult or do you think you got lucky? (I kid, I kid. :P)

Everyone is welcomed to leave feedback of course. If anyone doubts your battling skills DragonWhale then just give them this link ;)

All battle video codes can be found here (how?)

It was fun while it lasted and it was our pleasure to host this tournament. Be sure to check out the tournament website for lesser tournaments hosted by volunteers. Until next time,

- Steelig, Emily and Articblizzard