Do You Even EV Train Bro?

gameplay battling research - 7377878784
By Zackirus

We Must Go Back

battling comic roost skarmory - 5600848896
By Unknown

An Amazing History Lesson

smogon Pokémon talonflame battling - 8195115008
By TrainerPV
battling Pokémon videos - 57084161

This is Not That Same Ol' Pokémon Battle

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Stranger Trainer! Stranger Trainer!

pedobear gameplay battling trainers - 7017302272
By Unknown

Freaking Swimmers...

Pokémon battling - 8418938112
Via pizzathe-comeback
battling Pokémon Video - 62017793

The Top 10 Worst Pokémon Moves

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The Real Scumbags on PSS

Pokémon scumbags battling pokemon x/y - 7996037888
By Unknown

Congratulations, DragonWhale!

Pokémon Pokémemes battling tournament - 8440062720
By Steelig (Via poke-tournaments)

Yu-Gi-Oh Thursday: It's Time to Duel

crossover Pokémon Yu-Gi-Oh! battling Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! - 8079973120
By Unknown

Oh God, This Battle is Going to Take Forever

anime battling comic crossover dragonball z goku - 6311260160
By Unknown

So Many Battling Possibilities

battling meme Memes pushing patrick - 6036003584
By Unknown

Bad Luck Clefable

gifs battling clefable metronome - 8137415680
By MegaManLight
battling - 59780865

Improv Pokémon Battle Commentary to "Let It Go"

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The Intimidating Confuse Sidney

battling Memes Pokémon - 8255595008
By Thelprefer


battling protect - 7756386816
By Unknown
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