Batman is Always Confused

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Fennekin Used Glow Punch! It Was Super Effective on the Fans!

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The Feeling of Addiction...That Turns Good Men Hooked

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He's the Goddamn Pikachu

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You Think Robin Would Remember

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The New Hero of Gotham City

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Sorry Bruce, but Their IV's Are Flawless

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Stop Taunting Crobatman!

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Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Begins

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What if Batman is Just a Trainer, and the Villains are His Pokémon?

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A Better Batman Movie

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The Feebas Rises

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It's Simple, We Kill the Crobatman

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Adaptability is the Best Ability

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The Hero Kalos Deserves

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What is Batman's Favorite Pokémon?

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