I Said Use Tail Whip! Not Attract!

attract meowstic Pokémon gifs - 8318611712
Created by Gallade350

The Horror Mightyena Endures

attract best of week comic cute mightyena umbreon - 5531922432
Created by Dave316

All the Girls I Hit On Have Oblivious

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Machoke, I Raised You Better Than This!

attract machoke comics jynx - 7294800128
Via Jstar25

Hyper Beam Your Pain Away

attract best of week comic gyarados hyper beam Sad - 6462236928
Via quadforcefive

Not My Type

attract gay comic - 6696094208
Via kangel
attract Pokémon gay - 74741249

Can Pokémon Be Gay?

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It's Super Effective, Pokéman!

attract drifloon girl IRL pikachu snorlax super effective - 4977837568
Created by Elaine

Brendan Blacked Out

attract lopunny Fan Art - 8592389888
Created by Luchabro ( Via kawacy )

DJ-lution: Sylveon

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Via PeekingBoo

It's Not a Choice

attract Battle best of week charmander gay - 6304202752