Aladdin can show you the world, but can he show you Aladdin jokes and memes? Nope he's a movie character and incapable of such things, so here's some in the meantime to make you cackle.

This Cosplayer Loves Poképuns

aladdin cosplay magikarp IRL puns Pokémon - 8226919936
Via ordinary-princess-chilling-queen

You Ain't Never Had a Legendary Like Me

crossover aladdin thundurus - 6621129984
Created by LyseljusLeps

A Magikarpet Ride!

aladdin comic magikarp - 6615710464
Created by Figorama ( Via iguanamouth )

I See What You Did There

aladdin best of week crossover magikarp meme Memes Movie - 5336943616
Via Exploding Zombies

Who Could Say No to a Magikarpet Ride?

Via pokemon_meme_for_life