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All Those Questions

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Pokémon ORAS TV - 65796609

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire TV Commercial!

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Unseen Heroes

anime TV - 5899994368
By Tom_NUtter

I Choose You, Um, Pikachu

anime ash pikachu TV - 6599252480
Via femputations

I Call Him That Because He Waddles

cartoons tepig TV - 6558973440
By Unknown

Muk Needs Help Breeding

anime breeding muk professor oak TV tv-movies - 5323241216
By Unknown

Seems Legit

anime comic seems legit TV tv-movies - 5617743872
By Unknown

Trolling Before It Was Cool

anime magikarp TV tv-movies - 5893342976
By Unknown

Five Seconds Later He Falls

anime lol TV - 6582261248
By Ginctm

Manly Tears Were Shed

anime dratini manly tears TV tv-movies - 6485646848
By pighorn7

Diglett Wednesday: FML

anime cartoons diglett diglett wednesday professor oak TV tv-movies - 5300810752
By Unknown

Scumbag Spongebob

scumbag shiny SpongeBob SquarePants TV tv-movies - 6295852800
By Unknown

Guess I Can't Be the Very Best

anime ash derp the very best TV tv-movies - 6400037888
By Unknown

Familiar Faces

digimon digivolve Pokémon TV tv-movies - 5965634304
By toddish

Gotta Caption 'Em All

anime Starmie TV tv-movies - 6071020800
By AlphabetSoup

Good Trainer Ash

anime ash Memes TV - 6378901248
By Unknown