Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Dat Iron Tail

Battle gtfo Movie pikachu - 6104799744
Created by Unknown

Fight Your Future

Movie wooper - 6629269504
Via probertson

I See What You Did There

aladdin best of week crossover magikarp meme Memes Movie - 5336943616
Via Exploding Zombies

Blackout Is Super Effective

anime best of week Movie PIPA SOPA super effective the internets tv-movies - 5710684160
Created by Unknown

Charizard! I Choose You!

Battle charizard Movie pokémon card - 5122292992
Created by Unknown

Where Do I Get the Pokéball?

bills-pc Movie Pokémon - 6567927296
Created by Unknown

Cerulean Film Productions Presents

art gen 1 Movie starters wartortle - 5153604864
Via fergsplus.tumblr.com

What Are You?!

confusion donphan anime Movie - 7076743424
Created by Unknown
genesect Movie Video - 43102465

Transform and Roll Out

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Edward Scyther Hands

comic Movie scyther the feels - 6432452864
Created by Touricorp

Mewtwo's New Form

Pokémon news Movie Japan mewtwo - 7244714752
Created by Unknown

Stand By Me

gameplay Movie - 6460932864
Created by LordOfTheBinks

Calvin Candie Says...

3d Movie - 6959013120
Created by Tr0d06

Can't Help But Cry at the Next Part

ash mewtwo Movie punch tv-movies - 5259002880
Created by Unknown

All 151 Original Pokémon Liked the Clone Fight

1st gen mewtwo Movie tv-movies - 5204596480
Created by shadknasty
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