Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

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It's Not Cheating, It's Assistance

meme Memes ridiculously photogenic guy shiny pokemon - 6143577600
Created by x_silentjealousy_x

Meanwhile at Mewtwo's Desk

quotes Pokémon Memes mewtwo - 7541845760
Via Facebook

Professor Oak Hurt Himself In His Confusion

confusion female meme Memes mr-mime professor oak - 5400130560
Created by Unknown

Why I Don't Watch the Show Anymore

ash gary meme Memes - 5646213376
Created by Megamean09

So What If I Still Play Pokémon

all the gens facebook Memes Pokémon - 5997462016
Via Facebook

I Should Be More Like You

condescending wonka meme Memes pokemon master - 5983234304
Created by Unknown

He Drew a Picture and Everything

back to the future meme Memes pokedex professor oak - 5669572096
Created by Kehteh

How Dittos Are Made

breeding ditto meme Memes mew philosoraptor - 5294783488
Created by Zumini

I'm Sick of Self Destruct

electrode Memes self destruct thunder - 5684815616
Created by Unknown

Philosoraptor: A Ditto By Any Other Name

breeding ditto Memes philosoraptor Pokémon - 5267406336
Created by RatchetV ( Via memegenerator.net )

Psyduck and Cover

best of week doctor who fifth generation meme Memes new pokemon - 6346462720
Created by LactheWatcher

Scumbag (Yet Awesome) Brain

Pokémon Memes - 7755584000
Created by Unknown

Run, Run, Run, Run

meme Memes run tentacool - 5774321664
Created by Unknown

It'll Be Okay

fire type speed feraligatr Memes - 6940647680
Created by Unknown

Pokémon Logic: PokéBalls

meme Memes pikachu Pokeballs pokemon logic - 5778891520
Created by Unknown

So Many Battling Possibilities

battling meme Memes pushing patrick - 6036003584
Created by Unknown
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