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A New Way to Interact With Pokémon

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The First Official Images From Pokemon GO Just Hit The Internet, And They're More Mouthwatering Than 100K Rare Candies

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Pika Chooses Chicken Nuggets

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Japan's Getting Their Very Own Pokémon Nintendo 3DS XLs

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They Should Promote Gen VI With a Another Plane Like This

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Shut Up and Take My Pokédollars

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Japan's Pokémon Center Is Literally Too Good for Words

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Dear Japan, I Caught On

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My Real Pokémon Adventure in Japan: 7 Days, 7 Pokémon Centers

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Behold, the First Officially Licensed Line of Pokemon Lingerie

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Mexican Brock

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Happy 16th Anniversary, Pokémon!

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Cannot Unsee the Face

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Is Finally Out, and Fans Are Already Confirming That Slowpoke Tails are Still Tasty

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Nintendo Was Afraid Pokémon Wouldn't Be a Financial Success Overseas

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Japan Gets the Coolest Things

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