Bulba Bulb!

IRL Close Enough bulbasaur - 6866410752
By Unknown

Awesome Pokémon Can Sculptures

Pokémon IRL art - 6652051968
By AdvancedAlan (Via akikannkurafuto)

Can't Tell if Lady Gaga or Team Galactic...

blue hair IRL lady gaga team galactic - 5098872832
By Unknown

Pokénerds Are Best Nerds

best of week IRL Pokémon video games - 6345257472
By Unknown

So Cute It'll Melt Your Brain

cute IRL mouse pikachu - 5209352448
By Karioudo

A Dream Come True

ditto IRL pikachu transform - 6134078720
By Unknown

Greatest Catch of Your Life

IRL - 8495684608
By Luchabro

The Look Everyone's Dying For

hair IRL muk - 6418277120
By Tropius

How to Be Happy Again

IRL pokemon fans tldr video games - 5878691328
By InfernoVulpix

Get Ready to Flying Press in This Hawlucha Hoodie

Pokémon hawlucha IRL - 8452369408
By Luchabro

Why Can't My School Be This Awesome?

school IRL professor oak - 7153244928
By Unknown

Bubble Destruction

IRL battles animals - 7086655488
By IzAMeowcat (Via Pistol Shrimp)

Pokémon Go?

pokemon memes dapper charmander
Via padlock3456

Like That Could Happen

IRL pikachu poke ball - 5407045376
By Unknown


dubstep IRL Music toy wobbuffet - 6528566784
By Pad

Pokemon McDonald's in Tokyo

IRL tokyo McDonald's - 6972932352
Via antabaka
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