"Bargain" Prices

GTS Pokémon pokemon logic - 8022722816

The GTS is So Annoying

annoying gameplay GTS legendaries reshiram trading - 6260770816

GTS Space

Pokémon GTS Memes reshiram - 7346132224

The Truth Has Been Spoken

Pokémon GTS trading rayquaza - 8336111104
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via houndoom-kaboom )

Oshawott Hates the GTS

GTS legendaries level 9 and under oshawott the internets - 6268948736
Created by Hikari10

The Greatest Type of Scumbag

scumbag feebas mightyena GTS - 7885433344
Created by sprinkybagels2


arceus GTS the internets - 6099803904

Good Guy Nintendo

GTS shinies nintendo - 7796894976
Created by RobinGMS

Shut Up and Take My Entei!

GTS entei - 8144796416
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via null )

Lv. 9 and Under Reshiram... Explained

The More You Know level 9 and under GTS - 6987138304
Created by Lloyd

The GTS: A Summary

magikarp GTS Pokémon - 7984909056
Created by Abraman

Shiny Ho-Oh?! WIll My Oshawott Do?

GTS Memes shiny - 5479930112
See all captions Created by RalphAndPearl

Usable At Long Last!

Pokémon GTS pokemon x/y - 7877725184
Created by Megamean09

Be on the Lookout

GTS legendaries zekrom - 7148305152
Via bailey620

Should I Feel Bad or is This Hitting a New Low?

GTS Pokémon Sad - 8330227968
Via Escaldi

This Doesn't Work, Please Stop

pokemon, stahp,
Via grimlock89
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