Hey Bro, You Wanna Look Like Chikorita?

Chikorita dude green outfit style - 5012347136
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Dream World

Chikorita cute dream world nightmares the internets - 6158081792
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How Tropius Came to Be

Pokémon Chikorita evolution - 7601421312
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Someone Should Be Fired

best of week charmander Chikorita mew mistakes pikachu piplup Pokémans pokepark wii - 5313819136
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I Became Confused

Chikorita diglett face swap Pokémans wtf - 5080823296
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Helicopter Head

pokemon memes chikorita gifs

Diglett Wednesday: Chikorita Was Adopted

Chikorita diglett wednesday diglett - 7688746240
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One Step Closer to Getting Pokémon in the Real World

Chikorita IRL Pokémon - 8017242880
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Vine Whip My Hair Back and Forth

anime Chikorita meme razor leaf tv-movies vine whip - 6096273408
Created by PhilLovesPorygonZ

It's Super Effective!

best of week charizard Chikorita fire type super effective tv-movies - 5362681856
Created by fribbles

Made You Look

pokemon memes chikorita looks naughty

Keep Your Totodile Hand Strong

Chikorita pimp slap totodile - 4998704384
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Chikorita evolution cute - 6841881856
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This is Why You Should Still Play HeartGold

Pokémon Chikorita comics - 7930084608
Created by TheGengar

Come On! Gold and Silver...

Chikorita gen 2 gold meme Memes silver slowpoke - 6119973120
See all captions Created by OshawottsRule95

Chikorita Used Fly!

Chikorita cute flying - 6848994560
Created by BestPokememes
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