Better Love Story Than Twilight

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Created by Porygon_D

One Theory Comes to Fruition

Pokémon theories comics Butterfree - 7303222272
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Bye Bye Butterfree

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Created by Sir_Miracle

Problem, Game Freak?

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It Looks Like Ash Won't Actually Reunite With His Butterfree

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When You Wake up on the Right Side of the Bed and Everything's Just Right in Your World

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Is That THE Butterfree?

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Created by Gabo2oo

Sounds Like a Good Reason

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Safeguard in Your Heart

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It's Her Spirit Pokémon

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Created by Irrational_Logic

Saddest Moment Ever

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Created by Unknown

I Want to See the Kids, Damn It!

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Created by David_the_Bored
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BeeFwee is the Ultimate Pokémon

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Bye Bye Butterfree... Go Do Sex

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Problem Butterfree?

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Created by iBrahim

I've Never Seen It In the Wild

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