I Quit

Battle comic sand attack - 5678397952
By Tenshiiyo

No Reason to Battle Anymore

all the things Battle meme rage comic Rage Comics run - 5521853696
By Unknown

I'll Trade You My Pikachu if I Lose

Battle cosplay IRL - 6813132544
By Unknown

Trolling Groudon

awesome Battle best of week catch em all duskull groudon strategy trolling - 5434661376
See all captions By RabbitJack

Bosh Used Post Up

Battle gifs Memes photobomb - 6202310912
Via nba-4-life

I Want the Experience

Battle experience meme Memes - 6470034432
By Unknown

Like I Care!

Battle derp gameplay master ball rattata - 6351055104
By cheffdonty
Battle epic red tournament Video - 39332609

Black and White 2 World Tournament

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Etch A Battle

art Battle IRL pidgey pikachu - 6060655872
By Unknown

Now I Know What Happens IRL

Battle confusion IRL Memes snake - 6206776320
By Unknown

I Don't Want Your Number!

Battle facebook IRL youngster joey - 6307671296
By JohnnySykes

Bellsprout the Badass

anime Badass Battle bellsprout best of week gifs tv-movies - 5749878016
By Dr._Derp

Not Again...

Battle comic self destruct troll - 6377725184
By 123jerome

Why Pokémon Battle

Battle Pokémon professor oak web comics - 7948313088
By Canada714 (Via ky-nim)

Poison Sting Sucks, Man!

Battle Champion charmander weedle - 4880528384
See all captions By spikeylime88

The Winner Should Be Obvious...

Battle dragonball z frieza mewtwo - 4914086912
By Unknown