Ash Hardly Ever Evolves His Pokémon

ash Battle Pokémon evolution anime - 6935730176
Created by TheKeaton

I'll Trade You My Pikachu if I Lose

Battle cosplay IRL - 6813132544
Created by Unknown


Battle Fan Art Pokémon - 8196190976
Created by CheezandCrackers

The Beauty of Imposter Ditto

Battle ditto - 6792240384
Created by Clucknadus

Poison Sting Sucks, Man!

Battle Champion charmander weedle - 4880528384
See all captions Created by spikeylime88

And It Was Level 4

Badass Battle elite four magikarp - 5059138560
Created by Binkbinkybinkerson

Paraflinch Hax

Battle togekiss - 6519494400
Created by forrestfire15

Time for an Epic Battle

epic Battle red - 6820284416
Created by Unknown

A Wild Assignment Appeared

homework school Battle - 6681439232
Via mikehorowitz

Clefairy Is Confused

Battle clefairy Machamp - 5605227776
Created by Unknown

Now Gimme Your Money

Battle Pokémon jerk - 8363323648
Via Firman Productions

Why Didn't the Trainers Fall Asleep?

anime Battle beedrill best of week comic sing trainers - 5921651456
Created by TheBrinz

NO! I Don't Want to Battle You!

art awesome Battle bike - 5493723904
Created by FancyLeaf ( Via Zerochan )

May Vs. Misty

Battle gifs may misty video game - 5443522816
Created by Unknown

I Would Not Want to Battle Them

art Battle charmander evolution - 5273378816
Via Pixiv

Dammit! I Almost Caught Him!

Battle best of week comic crossover Pirates of the Caribbean Pokémemes - 5896852224
Created by Alkasel
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