Worth it in the End

gyarados Badass magikarp evolution - 6883362048
Created by Rapidsom

We Do Have a Badass Over Here

Badass gameplay girlfriend Pokémon Reframe - 5584502272
Created by SaiyanRocker

And It Was Level 4

Badass Battle elite four magikarp - 5059138560
Created by Binkbinkybinkerson

We're Dealing With a Criminal Organization Over Here

Badass gameplay team galactic - 6002395904
Created by Szprega

Watch Out, We Have Some Bad Ashes Over There

anime ash Badass confused tv-movies - 6070747904
Created by Unknown

This One's For You

Badass best of week gary oak Memes Pokémon Valentines day - 5838927360
Created by Unknown

Giovanni Doesn't Care About Your Problems

Badass Pokémon gifs anime - 8215422720
Created by Unknown
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