1st gen

A.K.A. the Pokemon Gym

1st gen alakazam mankey Memes omastar pokemon gym - 5163376640
By Djayluis

I Would Have Been a God

1st gen god mew rage comic Rage Comics - 5205371904


1st gen art best of week Cats gifs kittehs - 5139646208
By tweedletwit (Via www.prguitarman.com)

Or Fly, Or Dig, Or Teleport, Or...

1st gen legendary meme Memes red - 5655773952
See all captions By SpecOpsSilvah

Classic: The Good 'Ol Days

1st gen best of week classic gameboy color Pokémans - 5171060224
By FunnyNinja

I'd Choose the Second Option

1st gen best of week meme Memes mew mewtwo philosoraptor - 5205850368
By Unknown

Disregard Haters, Enjoy Pokémon

1st gen 5th gen favorites haters rage comic Rage Comics - 6062849024
By Exteeks

All 151 Original Pokémon Liked the Clone Fight

1st gen mewtwo Movie tv-movies - 5204596480
By shadknasty

Old School Pokémans

1st gen best of week comic never forget old school Pokémans Rage Comics - 5160434688
By Officerawesomesauce

The Legendary Birds Mingle With Their Lowly Counterpart

1st gen art articuno awesome IRL moltres zapdos - 5247654144
Via FYeahFirstGenPokemon

Hold On!

1st gen art awesome legendaries starters - 5139211264
By nyan_cat__