A Waifu That Can Also Kick Your Butt

pokemon fusions lucario gardevoir - 8310334208
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Pokémon jirachi minecraft video games Video win - 80745729

Dude Devotes Himself to Building Jirachi in Minecraft, and It Was Totally Worth It

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Your Journey Awaits

art obvious pallet town pun the internets - 6431877632
By Finzoor III

He's So Attractive

meme Memes ridiculously photogenic guy shinies - 6104511232
By Unknown

Sailor Sylveon

pokemon memes sylveon magical girl
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Johto Fillers in a Nutshell

Pokémon anime johto - 8265266944
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Delicious Poké-Muffin

awesome food IRL pokeball - 5141376000
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Pokémon wtf mega mewtwo - 8171512576
By Braunschwagger96

Dr. Looker

doctor who looker Pokémon TV - 5459289856
By Unknown

Jigglypuff and Legendaries

box art jigglypuff legendaries lol Pokémemes toys-games - 6078375424
By Zarvanis

Dirty Golurk In 3 2 1

Fan Art golurk - 8470491392
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One of the Biggest Mistakes in Pokémon

Pokémon nicknames - 7670280960
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ALL the Nope on This One

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This Thread = Pure Amazingness

Pokémon Team Rocket pikachu - 8410012928
By YakuzaDuragon

Innocent Helioptile is Innocent

anime helioptile cute - 7679119360
By Aussie-Helioptile
Music pokemon xy Video - 74451201

Nice Animation to the XY Bike Theme

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