Avatar: Legend of Korra


The legand of Porlami

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Created by Memeboy2
Avatar crossover korra Video - 66466561

The Avatar's New Groove

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Varrick Stark

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Created by stupidwizard ( Via f**kyeahavatarshipping )

Let's Go, Grandma!

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crossover toph beifong Video korra - 66028545

Wait for It...

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Today is Avatar Day on Vote Page

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Created by Unknown

The Red Lotus is the League of Shadows...

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Created by Leon Marek

Too soon?

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Created by ethorthehunter

Even the Simpsons Know What's Up

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Via The Simpsons

The Legend of Uranus

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Via sleepysenshi

My Leg Feels Funny

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Created by Obi-brown


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Created by Steve_the_bear

Do the Thing or Punishment It Is

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Via wrrprimary

The Legend of Assassins

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Via moni158

You're All Clear Kid, Now Let's Blow This Thing and Go Home

crossover star wars book 4 korra - 8406401792
Created by Unknown

It's Mine ಠ_ಠ

crossover book 4 korra - 8404431872
Created by pixarpal95
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