Avatar: Legend of Korra


Let's Go, Grandma!

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The Best Advice Sometimes Comes From TV

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Created by KillerAceUSAF

Naga the Big White Polar Bear Dog

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Created by tenzien ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Moves Like Bolin

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Anonymous84

Bend or It Didn't Happen

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So That's Where You're Hiding, Avatar

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Created by Two-Wan

Are They the New Fire Nation?

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Created by Unknown

We've Got to be as Wan

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Created by Unknown

Who Let You In?!

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Via makorra

Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

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Created by Unknown

Oh, You Don't Like Korra?

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Created by Unknown

Republic City Then and Now

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Via korraaa

Today is Avatar Day on Vote Page

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Created by Unknown

Shipping is Serious Business

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Created by MichaelJTR

The Red Lotus is the League of Shadows...

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Created by Leon Marek