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Once this baby hits 88 miles per hour...oh, wait.

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Wait, His Wife Is Whose Daughter?

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It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

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This TARDIS Tattoo is Totally Awesome

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This Proves Mary Poppins Was A Timelord

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DIY Disposable Coffee Cup Tardis Sleeves!

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New TARDIS Interior

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Who Says Time Lords Poop?

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He Is A Madman With a Box... of Crayons

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The Daleks Got Really Good at Disguises

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The Real Ocarina of Time

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Any Landing You Can Walk Away From, Right!?

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Gingerbread Tardis

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All The Doctors In The Tardis

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The New Lesson: Doodle Nerdy Things on Your Tests

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The Assembled Hordes of Genghis Kahn Couldn't Get In

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