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We All Have Our Loved Ones

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Let's Kill Voldemort

amy pond 11th Doctor Harry Potter rory williams - 8135273216
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Arthur Davill Let's It Go

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B*tch i waited 2,000 years

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Jimmies Will Repress Those Memories

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The TARDIS Doesn't Care For Your Landscaping

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Right in the Feels

rory williams doctor who - 7857270784
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You Didn't Fight at The Battle of Hogwarts

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The Waiting Williams'

doctor who Fan Art rory williams series 7 - 6616069376
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The Valentine Who Waited

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The Angel Who Waited

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It's Always a Contest

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Don't Even Lie, Rory

rory williams bowtie 10th doctor - 8421146112
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The Couple That Waited

amy pond doctor who the ponds rory williams tattoos - 8399540480
doctor who behind the scenes rory williams - 58763777

This Un-Shot Scene Reveals What Happens To Those The Doctor Leaves Behind

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