Doctor Who


Rory The Rockstar

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The Starry Night

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The Sixth Doctor Meets a Young Fan

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11th Doctor cute doctor who kids Video - 57393921

This Four Year Old Voices What a Lot of Whovians are Feeling Right Now

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Eleven, The TARDIS, and K-9

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The TARDIS and her Doctors

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The Youngest Regeneration Yet

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The Cutest Doctor Who Interview You'll Ever See

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11th Doctor kids Matt Smith - 58672897

Matt Smith's Message To A Terminally Ill, 4-Year Old Whovian Will Warm Your Heart

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Best. Parents. Ever

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The Cutest Cosplay Group

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These Kids Have the Coolest Cosplay

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I Thought They Were Kidding When They Said He Keeps Getting Younger

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Better than Santa Clause

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Created by Katie lynch
kids cute Matt Smith doctor who Video - 52797185


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12th Doctor cute kids Peter Capaldi - 70059777

Peter Capaldi Adorably Surprises Fans At The Doctor Who Experience

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