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This Companion Was Going Through Her Tardis Yearbook

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Karen Gillan Teaches Us Some Quick Scottish Phrases

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Karen Gillan On Matt's Regeneration

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Karen Gillan Has Yet Another Project In the Works

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Karen Gillan Talks About Her Last Moments Playing Amy with Rory and The Doctor

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When Marvel Asks You To Jump

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This Plane Goes to Gallifrey With a Short Layover at Hogwarts

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Karen's Date To The Oculus Premiere Is Awful Familiar

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Time Lord Reality TV

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Karen Gillan is Late To The Ice Bucket Challenge, But Makes Up For It With a Special Guest

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Karen Gillan Does an Awfully Good Dalek

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Never Give Matt Smith A Pen

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It's Hard To Be Cool When You're Riding In The Middle Seat

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Karen Gillan And Sex Jokes on Comedy Central

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Karen Gillan's Piano Composition

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What Would You Put In The TARDIS?

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