Doctor Who


This Cut and Fold Design Will Make Your Own Mechanical Companion

Fan Art doctor who k9 - 8070412800
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A Timelord's Best Friend

dogs k9 tom baker - 8090899712
By Unknown

The Best Doctor Who Cosplay

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The Cutest Classic Doctor

classic who cosplay cute 11th Doctor k9 - 7775063552
By Harley-Jade

Don't Be Jealous, Pooch... It's Not Flattering

doctor who dogs k9 - 8243955968
Via Doctor Who Tumblr

Outisde! Now! I Don't Care That We're in the Time Vortex!

10th doctor dogs k9 tardis - 7970543104
By Unknown

Affirmative, Mistress!

classic who k9 - 7945459968
By NaughtyLupine

K9 Is a Time Lord's Best Friend

companion gifs k9 - 8134263040
Via MagicBlueBoxByGrady

The Best Poodle Skirt

doctor who k9 - 8178913024
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K9 Has Stormtrooper Disease

doctor who k9 - 8046781184
By Unknown

An Awesome Whovian Designed a Multi-Regeneration Who Tattoo

daleks doctor who k9 - 8243984384
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Oh The Adventures You'll Have

Via Karen Hallion

Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered

pets 10th doctor k9 - 8386805248
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Doctor Snoopy

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Lady and The Robot

disney k9 tshirts - 8224105216
Via OneBluebird on Blue Box Tees

Even The Doctor Follows Leash Laws

4th doctor k9 classic who - 8232268288
Via hyperactivebookworm01
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